About Me

Hi, I'm Linda.

I’m an actor, writer and often creative of many forms working across screen and stage, as well as in interdisciplinary art and applied theatre. 

As an actor, I’ve most recently tread the boards at The Street Theatre as Mila in Canberran writer Maura Pierlot’s debut play Fragments, a collection of solo pieces centred around youth experience and mental health. I also starred in Rear View, a single-take, 90-minute durational film installation for the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art created by performance art powerhouses Breckon & Randall (of The Second Woman fame). You can find me on Casting Networks and Showcast.

As a writer, I’ve just come off of the fabulous Roomworks initiative, spearheaded by Nightingale Content and ATYP, where they commissioned a short piece from me called connecting…? I also have several new works currently in development.

My work often explores migrant stories and stories of displacement and identity; notions of family and home; distance and relationships in a tech-driven world and lately, the idea of ‘coming of age’ meeting coming into agency.

I’m passionate about diversity, innovation and experimentation in the arts – in terms of content, people and casting, or form, which explains some of my body of work. I hold a Bachelor of Arts(Hons.)/Commerce from the Australian National University, where I completed my thesis around the ethics and efficacy of using applied theatre and simulation to foster cross-cultural competency, and am currently completing a Graduate Certificate of Specialist Inclusive Education at Deakin University.

If any of the above sounds interesting to you and you’d like to chat about it, or  you have any other questions for me while I’m in the throes and frustrations of site-building, feel free to shoot me an email at hello@lindachen.co. I’m always looking for collaborators, and I’d love to hear about you, your story, and any projects you might have going on. 

In the meantime, stay safe, and I hope to hear from you soon.

                                                                                                                                                           -Linda. x